Fabric Finish 1 Gallon [Stamford]

Fabric Finish 1 Gallon [Stamford]

L.P.S. 1 Gallon [Stamford]

L.P.S. 1 Gallon [Stamford]

Hydrocarbon Detergent [Stamford]

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HYDROCARBON DETERGENT is a modern, unique and versatile drycleaning detergent formulated with surfactants based on renewable raw materials for use in petroleum and hydrocarbon solvents.

Some components of this formulation are attracted to the fabric and some remain in the solvent. Because of this, it may be used in an injection system or as a charge. The product itself contains no moisture, but will solubilize an appreciable amount of moisture into solvent.

HYDROCARBON DETERGENT provides excellent soil removal, superior redeposition control and produces bright whites and colors. It operates well with any type of filtration system and provides static and lint control.

Garments cleaned in HYDROCARBON DETERGENT have a soft, pleasing hand and are easy to finish.

HYDROCARBON DETERGENT may be injected on each load in a high distillation system at the rate of 1/5 to 1/10 oz. per pound being cleaned. A charged system is not recommended.


Physcial Characteristics 

APPEARANCE: Clear, bright, light amber liquid
ODOR: Somewhat soapy
SOLUBILITY: Clearly soluble in both perchloroethylene and petroleum solvents. Will emulsify with water.
FLASH POINT: Above 144ºF (62ºC) TCC
DENSITY: 7.10 lbs. per gallon

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