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Ultra Heavy Duty Det. 15 Gallon Drum [Pariser]

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Wet Dette [Pariser]

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Wet-Dette represents a breakthrough in wet-cleaning innovation chemistry.Wet-Dette performs on the acid side, preventing dye loss when wet cleaning fabrics historically classified as dry-clean only. Low pH washing also reduces rinsing requirements, which reduces utility usage and labor costs due to shorter formula wash times.


Pariser created Wet-Dette specifically for wet-cleaning machine applications. Wet-Dette has broad usage as a  wet-cleaning or laundry detergent due to its compatibility with all fabrics.


• For wet-cleaning machines: 1.0–1.25 ounces per 10 gallons of water
• For conventional washers: 3–4 ounces per 50-pound loads depending upon soil level.
  (Do not wash and bleach simultaneously.)
• For top loaders: Add according to the following table:

 Water Level  Light Soil Heavy Soil 
High Water Level  2 ounces  4 ounces 
Medium Water Level 1 ounce  3 ounces 
Low Water Level  1/2 ounce  2 ounces 
Note: Clean on gentle cycle for 7 minutes, one rinse, and a short extract.
Dry garments to 15% moisture retention for optimum softness.

• For CBW machines, contact your Pariser representative.
• For fabrics such as wool blankets, cotton sweaters, and polo shirts, add HYDROCON or
  SOFT XL to the final rinse to produce a soft, supple hand.

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